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"They blew me away! I get shivers down my spine

— Doug LeBlanc, Canadian Progressive Rock Society —

The Last Placid Plentonians

Doug Stevens

Gently savage, anthropomorphically theatrical guitar guru

Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Melodic Brilliance

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John Amadio

Physics-based keyboard wizardry with dollops of prog

Keyboards, Arrangements, Chill Factor

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Eric Domander

Thumptastic drumkit explorer, inspirational epicentre, legendary raconteur & vanzillist

Drums, Percussion, Vocals, Theremin, Props Magic

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The Chief

Zen master

Decorative Ambience

Jeff Morrison

Mysteriously magical master of melody

Lead Vocals, Lead Actor, Lead Foot

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Nick Sacco

Baron of Bottom, this Lowmeister plays the deepest roles

Bass Guitars, Grounding Presence and IT Support

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